Online Shopping for Kidswear in Pakistan: Offspring Clothing

If you're looking for the best online shopping experience in Pakistan for kidswear, Offspring is your answer; simply because we do it like no one else.

Our mission statement is “Designed for absolute comfort, Crafted with pure love” and our team lives by this mantra for everything we do and every product we make.

From casual shirts, chino pants, formal western dresses, fusion tops to a range of traditional wear you will find everything you need at Offspring clothing. We offer a wide variety of products for kidswear  in Pakistan at very competitive prices and that too with 14 days return & refund policy (no questions asked). So, the clothes available here not just keep kids looking sharp and feeling comfy but due to our easy returns, hassle free refunds the overall shopping experience is unmatched.  

What are the main benefits of buying clothes online?

Although the positives and benefits of buying clothes online are plenty, here are some most important ones:

  1. When buying online you definitely save time and the headache of driving in traffic which is a main source of un-needed stress these days.
  2. More savings when buying online. As selling online entails far less overheads in comparison to brick & mortar stores the consumer gets the benefit of cheaper prices online for the same product.
  3. In general, the choice of collections, colors and sizes available are far easier to find online than you might when visiting branches of the same store.
  4. When buying online you can instantly compare prices and ranges by looking up other kidswear brands in Pakistan like Minnie Minors, Hopscotch, Rollover and many more without the stress of searching for them all in the same mall or outdoor location.
  5. It is at times an irate fact that physical shop timings of stores are not the same at all locations. Buying online just gives that convenience of doing your shopping anytime from the ease of your phone or personal device.


How do I choose the right clothes when buying online?

When buying kidswear clothing online, the biggest hurdle some parents feel is getting the right size & fit for their kids. Worry no more! Here are some very helpful tips for you to ensure that when you buy kidswear online in Pakistan you receive the size & fit you actually need

Picking the right Fit & Size

  1. When measuring your child, it is very helpful at times to measure them while they're wearing the clothes, they will be wearing the most. For instance, if you plan on dressing your child in leggings, you'll want to measure them wearing leggings.
  2. Always go through the detailed descriptions of a product. Offspring clothing lists the details of fitting for all different types of products with each picture. For instance, you will find the length of dresses; if they are on the knee, below the knee or just off the ankle, true to size.
  3. When purchasing for your child it is truly helpful to consider your particular child’s growth rate. If they are a fast grower, then don’t be scared to go up a size or two, otherwise buy the size that they actually are.

Here are some measurement tips to further get the fit right:

  • If you are purchasing a dress or tunic-style top, please measure your child from shoulder to hemline to ensure proper length. You may also want to measure your child from collarbone to waist if your child has a longer torso. 
  • For pants and skirts, please measure your child around the fullest part of their waist and compare it with our size chart. 
  • Measurements in inches are provided on each product page, convert them in centimeters if you want to exact those measurements further.

Key Takeaways

Online shopping for kidswear in Pakistan is a great way to find good quality clothes at competitive prices, sometimes far cheaper than physical outlets. The site's filters allow you to search by gender, style, size, material, and more. So, finding the perfect outfit is easy. 

What Offspring offers is unique!

All collections are designed and crafted with latest fashion and child’s utmost comfort in mind. This is conveyed on our website in details of each product entailing the fabric type, size details, fitting tips and care instructions amongst other important information.

Purchasing kidswear online with us is with that ease of mind that you can exchange or refund any unused products within 14 days of purchase so there is never a chance of you being stuck with an unpleasing product or something that you just don’t like! So Happy Shopping !